Celtic Equine & Animal Healing


Hello, I am Julie Meredith and I thank you for looking at my website. As a qualified Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist, I have been treating both animals and their owners for 10 years now and live in the beautiful Forest of Dean area.

I became interested in animal healing through my own mare Katie (pictured right). I have had her now for 20 years and still going at the age of 30. She has had a lot of health problems, including COPD, laminitis and now Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS). Even though she was treated by my vets through the whole process, I felt that as she had gone through quite a lot, both mentally and physically. I felt she needed some emotional and physical support from me. This is when I started to look at how Crystals and Reiki could help her to support her mind and body through all of these treatments.

My love of animals is huge. They have so much love to give people without any judgement. If you ever looked into a horse’s eye, you will find so much depth and compassion there.

Please note that any concerns you may have about your animals health or well being, you must always firstly ask a veterinary surgeon for advice and diagnosis. My treatments offer emotional and mental support along side any medical advice given by your vet. So you should seek the veterinary consent before any treatment can be carried out.

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