Celtic Equine & Animal Healing


I have performed many healings for various animals and their human owners over a number of years. Below are just a few testimonials regarding their thought and the outomes of treatments.

Testimonials about Horse Healing

"Flickers leg has almost gone back to normal, another miracle. Thank you so much Flicker and I are very happy."

"Cash is so much happier in himself now. He is back to his normal self when riding him. I can even manage to get his bridle on now and he no longer minds me touching his face.

"Julie has a wonderful gift. One which appears to be getting stronger over time … not just with animals but with people too. Julie has visited me on a several occasions, both for my horses and myself. I have always been pleased with what she has picked up, and achieved, with her Crystal therapy and Reiki, Julie seems to be able to read what's on the horses minds, and is pointed to locations of pain and/or discomfort. I will definitely, have Julie out again."

Testimonials about Canine Healing

"Julie treated both me and my dog Biscuit. I was unsure to begin with as was not sure what to expect. However, I had no worries as Julie put me at ease straightaway. After an hour's session, I came away feeling as if a great big weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She also picked up that Biscuit was picking up on my energy, which was draining her as well. I would definitely have her back again."

Testimonials about Feline Healing

"Julie came to see my ex-feral cat Kitty as she was not herself and dribbling a lot. She just wanted to be on her own, which was very unusual. Julie picked up there was a problem with her teeth and following a reiki treatment and a distant healing session, Kitty was much better and the dribbling had stopped. She is now back to herself I can give her lots of cuddles again."

Testimonials about Farm Animal Healing


"Beatrice is now much happier following your treatment and is now no longer sitting in the corner. She is now laying eggs again, which is great for me too."

Testimonials about Small Pets

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